Bill Ayers

When he emerged in the mid-‘80s, Chris Isaak wasn’t the only good looking, vaguely Americana singer with a taste for sharp, thrift store clothes and vintage guitars. But somehow Isaak surfaced with a polished gleam the others lacked. He was a co.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The cosmos keeps growing larger, extending beyond anything the human eye can see and confounding the limits of reason. First came other galaxies, a starry sea in which our Milky Way is a mere island; then the Big Bang, in which the universe came.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Given the state of politics, it’s understandable how both presidential campaigns are handling the phony issue of Sen. Barack Obama’s connection with Bill Ayers. Read more

Taking Liberties 4 Comments

Nothing in the presidential campaign so far has been as instructive as its swift descent into the politics of personal destruction. Althoughvoters have probably heard little lately that they did not alr,News Features Read more

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