Spann built his reputation on keyboards and recorded demos for David Bowie’s final record, Blackstar. But on his own second solo album, Beautiful Man from Mars—co-produced by Milwaukee music stalwart Gary Tanin—Spann plays just about everyt... Read more

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Off the Cuff with producer Gary Tanin, whose studio Daystorm Music is among a handful of Milwaukee recording facilities that continue to thrive in the digital age of home recording, partly because he was an early adopter of that new technol... Read more

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Photo credit: Howard Pitkow

In a touching interview, producer Tony Visconti talks about his long history with David Bowie and his tribute project Holy Holy. Read more

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Two days after the release of his most extraordinary album in decades, David Bowie succumbed to cancer. Black Star’s lyrics mused about aging—waiting for the X-ray results, forgetfulness—while,Album Reviews Read more

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