Boris Karloff

In his introduction to The New Annotated Frankenstein (Liveright), horror movie master Guillermo del Toro says the book “may very well be the best presentation of the novel" to date; this book review says why del Toro may be correct in t... more

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LosAngeles looked like the Promised Land a century ago. The sleepy city surroundedby orange groves was growing rapidly and was a mecca for mystics, practitionersof alternative medicine as well as filmmakers. Hollywood was .. more

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Still From Rosemary's Baby

The past haunting the present, thepresence of evil in a world that wants to make nice—there’s something aboutlate October in the Northern Hemisphere that puts us in the mood to contemplatethe shadow cast by reality. With their.. more

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 Moviezombies are usually lumbering, slow-moving creatures, but zombie movies keeparriving at such a fast clip that the 2008 Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide isalready out of date. Coming in time for Halloween the second edition of G.. more

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It was just last year that Jeanna Salzer released her debut EP, Raindrops, a collection of jazzy, contemporary pop influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon, but the singer has made a quick impression on Milwaukee’s acoustic ... more

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