Buddy Squirrel

Since 1916, Buddy Squirrel has brought fine chocolates and other confections to the greater Milwaukee area. With Valentines Day and Easter on the horizon, there’s a lot to look forward to. Read more


As a former co-owner of Buddy Squirrel, Richard Koenings has a background in the candy business, but his latest venture is far more ambitious than the typical candy shop. With Red Elephant, open since mid-November at 333 N. Broadway in the ... Read more

Dining Preview

How do you choose the shampoo you use? Is price your priority or is it effectiveness, fragrance, advertisements or packaging? For many, it's one or all of these. But what about ingredients? Although shampooing is a regular ritual, few people know .. Read more

Health & Wellness

Whetherit’s the Pabst Blue Ribbon serving tray that’s down in grandpa’s 2000 W. Wisconsin Ave. For more information, call (414) 931-0808 or go to www.pabstmansion ,Eat/Drink Read more

Dining Preview