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Did the world need another Dead Kennedys show? As it turns out, yes. more

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Underground rock bands have touched upon issues of violence, illness and death for ages, to the point of draining these topics of any real emotional force. Superficial discussions of the realities of life (or, in the worst of genres, an ou... more

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To paraphrase the Exploited, punk's not dead—it's just taking a brief vacation in Milwaukee. The upcoming No Coast Mohawk Fest features more than enough first-generation-inspired punk to satisfy even the most die-hard of fans... more

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<p><strong>Burning Sons</strong>\' 2001 debut 7-inch <em>Masquerade</em> came with a built-in hook for punk collectors: It was the <a href=\"/article-11768-milwaukeerss-burning-sons-revive-a-legendary-punk-label.html\">first release in 20 years</a.. more

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The Milwaukee Brewers continue their four-game series against the Washington Nationals with another 7:05 p.m. game this evening at Miller Park,Today in Milwaukee more

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