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Due to a denied occupancy permit, the owner of ErthScentials has to fight to open a new CBD store in Cedarburg. Read more

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Young Milwaukee entrepreneurs creating a new CBD cigarette to help people get off tobacco. Read more

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Despite some bumps in the road, the staff of Starbuds Medical hasn’t slowed their passion for getting CBD to those who need it. Read more

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Those who live and work in the heart of Milwaukee have a new option for CBD products: MKEHemp Rx. Read more

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While some consider cannabidiol (CBD) to be an “old wives’ remedy,” Erica Mallory proves that medical knowledge can lead to helpful uses for CBD products. Read more

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Because they are fully integrated as farmers and processors, Euthymic Health’s owner-operators plan to add more CBD products in the near future. Read more

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Bay View Clubhouse is a CBD shop and lounge carrying carefully selected CBD products. Read more

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“The cannabis industry should be considered a legitimate business; it’s not just a bunch of hippies or potheads,” argues Andy Gould, co-owner of Wisconsin Hemp Scientific. Read more

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While antiquated regulations are stalling pharmaceutical research, the legalization of hemp and the rapid popularization of CBD products is drawing attention to the medical potential of the compound. Read more

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Going the distance for pro- and semi-pro cyclists often means dealing with varying degrees of discomfort, so offering cannabidiol (CBD) products was a natural progression for Milwaukee-based Wheel & Sprocket. Read more

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“Wisconsin was once one of the largest hemp producers in the nation. I’d like to see that happen again,” says Sam Ward of Partnered Process. Read more

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“Like craft breweries creating their own craft industry, I feel that the hemp industry can be the same,” says Janet Gamble, co-founder of Turtle Creek Gardens. Read more

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Iowa is one of the most backward states when it comes to cannabis reform, and yet it’s still ahead of Wisconsin in many ways. Read more

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Elev8 Milwaukee is a recently opened CBD dispensary with noticeably low prices and a wide variety of hemp products. Read more

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Spearheading edible CBD products, LoveBootch Kombucha adds the cannabinoid to tea infusions that can be bought in many retail places. Read more

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