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“A heavy-handed, stop every vehicle with a burned out taillight approach to policing is counterproductive,” testified Rev. Joseph Ellwanger of MICAH. Read more

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Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Scott Walker both released their 2010 budgets Thursday morning. I’m wading through them now, but at least one of them seems to have been crafted in Fantasy Land. And I’m not talking about Barrett’s budget, al.. Read more

Happening Now

The ink on the state’s biennial budget is barely dry and we’re already talking about the 2010 budgets for the county and city. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker had his department heads deliver their shocking news without much of a heads up .. Read more

Happening Now

From the Detroit Free Press: A Grosse Pointe Farms woman has doled out political tricks byrefusing Halloween treats to children whose parents support Democraticpreside,News Read more

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One of the Bush administration’s covers for going to war in Iraq to provide billions of dollars in no-bid contracts for Halliburton and other ... Read more

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