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<p> Perry Mason was among the most instantly recognizable figures to emerge from television's early years. Those horns of doom that announced his presence, that unflappable demeanor, his congenial battle for justice with DA Hamilton Burger in a s.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Crime-fighting forensics in real life aren’t quite as glamorous as they’re often depicted on television procedurals, but as this Discovery World exhibit illustrates from Oct. 29 through Oct. 31, they’re still pretty high tech. Discovery Read more

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Nostalgia for 1950s family sitcoms centers on “Leave It to Beaver,” presided over by an all-knowing dad, and the moral of the genre is summed up by the name of a series called “Father Knows Best.” But ‘50s sitcoms weren’t monolithic in their view.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The first thing you notice watching an episode of “Columbo” isn’t that we know who committed the murder but the relatively long buildup to murder. Jerry Orbach and the “Law and Order” squad would already be grilling the suspect by the time a “Col.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

  A few days ago I suggested the halcyon days of the Brewers season had come to a close af The Domestic Scene ,Sports Read more

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As a long-standing staple to the local scene, the incorrigible Revolush claimed the title Shepherd ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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