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If the Brewers continue to contend in the National League, Craig Counsell will surpass Phil Garner's records managing the Brewers. Read more

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Brett Favre. Michael Jordan. Jay-Z. Bo Ryan? Could this be alist of people who have announced their retirement and then came back? It seemsthat way after an interview at the U.S. Venture Open charity golf event in Kaukauna.When reporters aske.. Read more

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After her team fell short of the Women’s World Cup, soccer player Shannon Smyth plots her next career move. Read more

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Less than a decade after graduating, Carolyn Kieger has returned to her alma mater to take the reins of the women’s basketball team. Read more

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In Playing the Field, we profile women who are making an impact in the world of sports, either in competition or behind the scenes. For this inaugural installment, we spoke with Images of Us Spo,Sports Read more

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Selective outrage speaks volumes in this country. For instance, deficit-focused anger about Medicare spending but not about Pentagon profligacy tells the story of a political establishment that too often prioritizes militarism Read more

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Mumiy Troll is one of Russia’s biggest, most established rock bands, which is no small feat considering that when the band began, rock music was still taboo in the Soviet Union. When Russian MTV went live in 1998, Mumiy Troll’s video for Read more

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