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These 1960 recordings from European concert halls by Miles Davis’ quintet documents not only John Coltrane’s final outing with Davis but his last gigs as a sideman. more

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The 1978 Johnny Cash live recording, Koncert v Praze, finds the Man in Black in reasonably good form. His voice gathered strength as the set progressed. Backed by a relatively stripped-down band, Cash made his way through a set of his hits ... more

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Taj Mahal’s self-titled debut solo album (1967) was a rough-sawn blues-rock affair. Afterward, he moved back in time for Delta blues and antique folk songs, sideways into calypso and reggae and forward toward easy-going soul and more

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One version of the Aretha Franklin story goes like this: the daughter of a prominent black preacher passed from the gospel choir to her earth-shaking soul hits of the late \'60s over a dubious causeway of nightclub jazz. The narrative reflected.. more

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One year shy of its 30th anniversary, Milwaukee’s Irish Fest once again transforms the Summerfest grounds into a haven for Celtic culture. This year’s festival features musical performances from artist 3 Pints Gone, Gaelic Storm, The Red Ho... more

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