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The Mental Health Board got feedback on BHD’s potential $2.7 million deficit in 2017—despite aggressively downsizing its in-patient operations—as well as the seeming lack of resources in the community and the tension in the Uncas Park neigh... Read more

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Chris Abele, Dale Kooyenga, Theo Lipscomb, Milwaukee County, county budget, 2016 elections Read more

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Milwaukee County’s effort to privatize its mental health hospital via a no-bid contract has run into opposition from its appointed Mental Health Board, which governs the county’s behavioral health and substance abuse programs. Read more

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In a departure from his predecessors’ examples, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has not appeared before the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to answer their detailed questions about his proposed budget for 2016. Read more

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When Gov. Scott Walker released his 2015-2017 state budget in February, he had hoped to have the state Legislature sign off on it early so that he could spend all of his time campaigning in other states as a Republican presidential contende... Read more

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Milwaukee County Supervisors questioned Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s commitment to implementing the 2015 budget. The 2015 budget provides for 25 new sheriffs deputies but the Abele administration is only allowing five deputies t... Read more

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Lookclosely: It’s there.Aseven-figure contract with Milwaukee County to privatize concessions, retailand catering at the Milwaukee County Zoo. See it? The contractwas inserted into the budget by the Abele administration. Then stripped ou.. Read more

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After a second bow with his best-known project Bright Eyes, indie-folk singer Conor Oberst is back to his solo ways. On May 20, he'll release a new solo album on Nonesuch Records, Upside Down Mountain —no Mystic Valley Band this time, which hopefu.. Read more

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Has Milwaukee County Supervisor David Cullen declared war on County Executive Chris Abele’s top appointees? Read more

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The corporate media have been giving Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s $1.3 billion no-tax-increase budget a rather positive spin. But the 18 Milwaukee County supervisors got an Read more

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Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele started something really ugly when he conspired with Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislators to destroy the power Read more

Taking Liberties

Like his predecessor, Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele touted his no-tax-increase $1.4 billion county budget.To balance Read more

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In the early 19th century, 23-year-old Mary Remington meticulously stitched samplers and an exquisite whitework quilt. Along with faithfully practicing her needlework, Remington also wrote 29 letters to her fiancé, who often worked on the o... Read more

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It’s only February and the 2010 Milwaukee County budget is already imploding—just like all of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s previous budgets that eventually crashed and burned.Walker and a county board committee have agreed Read more

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Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Scott Walker both released their 2010 budgets Thursday morning. I’m wading through them now, but at least one of them seems to have been crafted in Fantasy Land. And I’m not talking about Barrett’s budget, al.. Read more

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From the Detroit Free Press: A Grosse Pointe Farms woman has doled out political tricks byrefusing Halloween treats to children whose parents support Democraticpreside,News Read more

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