Dairyland Youth

Sunset Playhouse hosts its annual Sunset Fund Raiser this weekend with Revenge at the Reunion - A Murder Mystery Comedy. The “Norman Bates Memorial High School” reunion is kind of a clever setting for a whodunnit. It offers a plausible space to.. Read more


The Germantown punk rock kids of Dairyland Youth have grown up in the 22 years since they first sang of young romance and other youthful adventures. Thankfully for longtime fans, they haven't grown up all that much—and they continue the fun... Read more

Album Reviews

The generational dynamics for a current college production of Hair are particularly odd for someone my age. There’s something distinctly strange about seeing people at least a decade younger than me playing characters from my parents’ generatio.. Read more


Just in time for their 20th anniversary, and a mere seven years after they began recording Re:Volting ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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