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Joy was inspired by the real-life story of Joy Mangano, a struggling single mom who made a fortune by inventing and marketing the Miracle Mop. Rather than tell her story in the dull fashion of a Hallmark docudrama, Writer-Director David O. ... more

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We meet Irving (Christian Bale) in a hotel room mirror, pasting a toupee over his thinning hair and topping it with hairspray to make things stick. Irving’s vanity is a deception tied to a yen for recreating himself as the raconteur he’d lo... more

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 Nowadays,soundtracks tend to be of little interest beyond the context of their films.Sure, the music from The Dark Knight Rises effectively maintains the story’smood, but who wants it as the soundtrack for their lives? The Silver Lin.. more

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The Iron Horse Hotel 500 W. Florida St. 888-543-4766 Runners-up:,Best of Milwaukee 2009 more

Best of Milwaukee 2009

Are we formed by genetics or environment—“that whole nature versus nurture thing”—as the Alan Alda character in Flirting With Disaster might put it? The Miramax comedy, directed by David O. Russell (ThreeKings), was one of my Top 10 movies the ye.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Fu Manchu’s fuzzed-out punk- and stoner-rock hasn’t changed much over the yea We Must Obey ,Today in Milwaukee more

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