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Advocates for an Affordable Care Act-expandedMedicaid program in Wisconsin have been calling on Gov. Scott Walker to listento reason and accept roughly $4 billion in federal funds to offer BadgerCareprograms to more low-income Wisconsinites. .. Read more

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Is state Sen. Julie Lassa the leading Democratic candidate for David Obey’s congressional seat? That’s the opinion of one senior Democratic insider, who cannot be named, during our conversation this afternoon. But, in a conference .. Read more

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An impeccable source is telling me that state Sen. Julie Lassa of Stevens Point will run for retiring Congressman David Obey's seat. More to come... UPDATE: It's official. State Senator Julie Lassa Launches Campaign In Wisconsin’s 7th Congres.. Read more

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Staged in the cozy atmosphere of the fourth floor studio space at the Marian Center for Nonprofits, Soulstice Theatre’s production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) provides a pleasant, informal evening of comedy. The ... Read more

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If this item in The Hill is to be believed, then Wisconsin Rep. David Obey is serious about keeping certain earmarks—so-called “monuments to me”—out of a spending bill. Reportedly, Obey, the chair of the appropriations committee, and Cali.. Read more

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Trouble in Mind, a drama by Alice Childress exploring race relations, occupies the "p Trouble in Mind ,Theater Read more


The Milwaukee Public Museum followed up its popular “Body Worlds” exhibition with another high-profile exhibit that has broken records at museums around the world, “Titanic: The Artifact E,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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As the world's most hospitable language, English has welcomed words from at least 350 othe Alphabet Juice ,Books Read more


Documentaries don’t get much more awkward than 2007’s Operation Filmmaker. Arm Operation Filmmaker ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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