The Cactus Blossoms, Eels and Deerhoof highlight an eclectic week for live music in Milwaukee. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

It’s curious that celebrated San Francisco noise-rockers Deerhoof don’t seem to get the same kind of bookings as their turn-of-the-millennium contemporaries. Whatever the reasons for it, though, it’s actually a boon to their loyal undergrou... Read more

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The Milwaukee Comedy Festival keeps the laughs coming during a busy week featuring Center Street Daze and NEWaukee’s Urban Island Beach Party. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee


Photo Credit: Nathan Lewis

Despite not being the hot property they once were, Of Montreal are still well worth checking out live. Read more

Concert Reviews


Photo by Sarah Bradham

Iconoclastic, Milwaukee-bred MC Juiceboxxx caused a stir online a couple months back when video of him suffering through a disastrous performance on TMJ 4 News Read more

Local Music

Getting some momentum going behind a band is usually a challenging ordeal, involving lots of tedious hard work and perseverance without any guarantee of success. In certain rare cases though, things seem to move almost Read more

Local Music

Ever since it was written in 1865, the Lewis Carrol novel  Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland has been hugely popular. Stage, film and even video game adaptations of the novel have met with huge success over the years as well. Most notably, film dir.. Read more


  Few bands seem to have more contempt for the structural formality of sheet music th Offend Maggie ,Music Feature Read more

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