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Sharlto Copley portrays Chappie, a robot intended to be a policeman in the brave new world of 2016. But Chappie’s designer Deon (Dev Patel), wants Chappie to make his own decisions, and so teaches the robot as if it was a human child. more

Film Clips

 In movies, the future is often an arena foracting out the anxieties of the present. Elysium presents a starkcontrast between the haves, comfortably ensconced in a space station wheelinglike a giant donut around the world, and the.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Through Jan. 30, the Dean Jensen Gallery presents “Big Bangs, Small Bucks 2,” featuring more than 100 international artworks at value prices. This eclectic exhibit displays a variety of mediums from artists all around the world, including I... more

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