The great contemporary country-blues artist Charlie Parr manages a trick of sly self-portraiture on Dog, which feels like his most personal album yet while his empathic picture painting always rings authentic. Read more

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The Cavewives’ debut album is proudly indebted to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd. Read more

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There’s no shortage of Milwaukee bands right now piling their songs high with twisty, nutty arrangements and wild tempo shifts, though many of these bands are working with, if not quite a tongue in cheek, then at the very least a firm smirk. The C.. Read more

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Sweetly sentimental paintings are not for me, but here I stand on the north side of the second floor mezzanine in the Pfister Hotel. Concierge Roc Whitesell is at my side, explaining why the oil painting The Kittens (signed J. LeRoy) Read more

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Escape from Society is a fascinating rock album from a most unusual source—craigslist. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Kulik placed ads around the country seeking lyrics or poems he could set to music and record. The resulting album pu... Read more

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Nothing beats lounging in the sun, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying decadent table scraps provided by a loved one... Read more

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 While the candy filled zombie puppets prepare for an evening at the Marian Center on Milwaukee’s south edge, acclaimed local performer John McGivnern will be getting ready to perform a one-man spoken word show in Cedarburg.  The Midwest Emmy .. Read more


A Milwaukee composer who has earned a reputation for his moody contributions to underground films, John McLaughlin’s latest project is a bluesy, vaudevillian band. John McLaughlin and The Rogues recreate the eerie spirit of early black Read more

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Harsh as she may come across on her Animal Planet program "It's Me or the Dog," Victoria Stilwell speaks about her methods and illustrates them using local shelter dogs a ,None Read more

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This was expected, but after the final day passed to offer players arbitration, the Brewers allowed Chris Capuano to enter the Free Agent market, though they've expressed interest in bringing him back.Capuano had his second Tommy John surgery thi.. Read more

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Attention sports fans: The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here—it’s time for the fourth-annual Milwaukee Pugfest. Wait, did we say sports fans? We meant to say tiny, bug-eyed, wri,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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We here at Cute Sports Central are confused by the play of thesecondary. Sure, giving up the big play was a definitely problem forthis team this season, but why do we look like we're 3 steps behindevery receiver?Casillas is a much better player.. Read more

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