Door County Artists

How much time does an artist require to prepare for a soloexhibition? When visiting Craig Blietz in his Door County studio last summer,the artist offered a clue. Tuckedaway on an inroad off of Hwy 42 in Sister Bay, Blietz’s two story high studi.. more

Visual Arts

Widespread Panic has been playing its swampy jam-rock since the mid-’80s, when there was no organized jam scene for them to lean on. The emergence of jam in the ’90s as its own genre—with its own business model—turned the once-obsc more

Today in Milwaukee

Some artists don't offer up their secrets too willingly. Such is the case with Dennis Balk, whose work is currently on display at Inova/Kenilworth (through April 5). Balk deploys a vast arsenal of media and discipline,Art more

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