The Jewish Museum of Milwaukee celebrates 60 years of Jews in popular music with an exhibit that features hometown hero, the late Howie Epstein, bassist with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, alongside legends like Bob Dylan and Bill Graham ... Read more

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They sayeyes are the window into the soul, but for my money, music tells you way more. Atthe start of each Brewers season I scour the team’s entrance music searchingfor clues into what each pick says about the players’ tastes, mindsets andpros.. Read more

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A relative newcomer to the Milwaukee rap scene, Jae Ace perked ears earlier this month with his single "Quota," a hardened slab of street rap that banged with unspoken menace. As it turns out, that song was something of a red herring. Ace's new mi.. Read more

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The most influential contemporary rappers all have one thing in common: a great narrative. Today’s rappers are first and foremost self-mythologizers, and their brands are Read more

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Drake is always anxious about something, but his concerns are probably not the same as yours. On his debut full-length album Thank Me Later, the Canadian rapper worries that his friends are after his money, that his remarkable success might change.. Read more

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Illinois’ Backyard Tire Fire sang “I want to be Tom Petty, I want to be a star,” as the opening salvo to their latest record, Vagabonds and Hooligans , but judging from their agreeably modest rock ’n’ roll of that recor Read more

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Soft-rocker survivor James Lee Stanley has been putting out solo albums steadily since the early 1970s, when he was a featured RCA artist. Without a commercial hit to guarantee him an audience, he fell out of the spotlight, but continued Read more

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In a bill that almost single-handedly atones for the dearth of rap acts at this year’s Summerfest, Lil Wayne and a slew of chart-topping rappers and R&B singers share a Wednesday, Sept. 2 bill at the Marcus Amphitheater which includes Young Jeezy,.. Read more

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(1) While investigating a robbery at The Beer Store in January, Toronto police officers sa Newsday ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

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When you think of the Milwaukee Ballet,visions of sugarplum fairies probably dance though The Nutcracker ,A&E Feature Read more

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Voters in the 21st Assembly District (South Milwaukee, Oak Creek and two wards of Milwaukee) will have a chance on November 4th to select someone other than incumbent Mark Honadel. In my view, Representa,Letters Read more

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  Genesis skipped Wisconsin during last year's reunion tour, but the three-DVD box se When In Rome 2007 ,CD Reviews Read more

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The roster of guests is about as subtle as the air horns that blare throughout the song: Kanye West, Lil Wayne andwait for itEminem, making a rare appearance outside his usual Aftermath circle. The star, though, is the top-billed performer, Drake,.. Read more

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