Early Milwaukee

A while back, I introduced you to an autograph book ofShirley, a young Milwaukee girl who grew up in the 1930s. By an odd stroke of luck, I have anotherautograph book in my collection – also from the 1930s and also belonging to ayoung woman na.. Read more

What Made Milwaukee Famous

For some, Minneapolis indie-rockers Tapes ‘N Tapes are a stereotypical embodiment of the “blogger band,” a term as honest as its attempt to be insulting. The group’s debut EP, 2004’s Tapes ‘N Tapes, was recorded in sec Read more

Today in Milwaukee

I am providing another article and video on artificial sweeteners. I normally do not post anything regards false, but in this case, I firmly believe is wrong. It states "anecdotal only" as reason. As a mother of an ASD child,.. Read more

Health & Wellness

Milwaukee’s colorfulpast, more interesting than the history of many heartland citie Stalag 17 ,Books Read more

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