Elena Kagan


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The U.S. Supreme Court passed up a chance to strike down Wisconsin’s brazenly corrupt political gerrymandering that supporters of democracy hoped would finally lead to fairer, more honest election districts throughout the country. more

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Today, the opponents of Wisconsin’s voter ID law sent anemergency plea to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, the high court judge whooversees the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The ID opponents want theSupreme Court to vacate the three-jud.. more

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Someday, when Americans have learned to live the true meaning of our creed, a Supreme Court nomination of a woman, a Latino, an African-American or any other variety of human being—including a gay man or woman—will provoke no comment or con... more

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Novelist Elizabeth Berg earned the coveted stamp of approval from Oprah’s Book Club with her book Open House , and has remained on the literary world’s radar ever since. Her latest novel is one of her most uplifting yet. The Last more

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