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Get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes; find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

Saving Our Democracy


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If an aggressive anti-protest bill that is making its way through the Republican-controlled Legislature becomes law in Wisconsin, you could be criminally charged for exercising your rights to freedom of speech. Read more

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Milwaukee’s City-County Joint Task Force on Climate and Economic Equity is only one facet of growing efforts in Wisconsin to go solar. Read more

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We Energies wants to further discourage customers from improving the health of the planet by penalizing them with a surcharge. Read more

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We Energies’ attempt to charge homeowners who generate their own solar power begs the questions: How much of the market for solar power will belong to large utilities? Read more

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Despite shutting down its power plant last year, We Energies wants Wisconsin homeowners, renters and businesses to keep paying for it. Read more

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We Energies is asking the Public Service Commission to approve an increase in our utility bills over the next two years. Read more

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Fossil fuels are both environmentally unsafe and more expensive than renewable energies. It is time for Wisconsin to take measures to bring about change in its energy production sector. Read more

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Efforts are underway to expend solar energy use in Wisconsin, but existing governmental policies often hamper that expansion. Read more

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WEC Energy Group, Inc. (We Energies) is committed to working with individuals and businesses who want to go solar. Read more


The Third Ward dance club bounces back after being badly damaged by burst a We Energies steam pipe. Read more

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Dozens of residents living near the Oak Creek We Energies power plant have become increasingly vocal about the unfavorable living conditions in their area. Meanwhile, local organizations are ramping up involvement in the issue. Read more

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Going solar has become less expensive in Wisconsin than in the past, but there remains a lot of caution about its expansion. Perhaps we can get the utility companies on board? Read more

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A bill currently in the Wisconsin legislature is a good piece of legislation, but unfortunately a symbolic effort. Four Republican legislators have bucked their party’s leadership to do what’s best for the average citizen and the state’s ec... Read more

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Milwaukee has experienced nothing short of a waterfront renaissance over the past three decades, from the rediscovery of the Milwaukee River in Downtown and its ingoing residential building boom to the revitalization of the Menomonee Valley... Read more

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There are many people who no longer believe the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is anywhere near being balanced and fair in its reporting and editorials. After listening to complaints about the paper for many years and suggestions for its improv... Read more

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Why in the world are Wisconsin Republicans introducing legislation to resume building nuclear power plants in Wisconsin without waiting for any safe place to store nuclear waste? Read more

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In a carefully watched case with national implications for the solar power industry, a Dane County district judge ordered Friday that We Energies can’t impose an extra tax on its residential customers who own rooftop solar panels. Read more

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There’s no question that it’s a frustrating time for a modern feminist. There’s been a lot of progress towards equality on the march into the 21st century. Every now and then something gets said by someone in public office and suddenly it fe.. Read more


Like it or not, utilities that rely on coal-fired power plants are facing a perfect storm. The cost of harnessing renewable energy sources is dropping while coal is becoming more expensive at the same time customers want cleaner energy and ... Read more

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