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A bill currently in the Wisconsin legislature is a good piece of legislation, but unfortunately a symbolic effort. Four Republican legislators have bucked their party’s leadership to do what’s best for the average citizen and the state’s ec... more

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Milwaukee has experienced nothing short of a waterfront renaissance over the past three decades, from the rediscovery of the Milwaukee River in Downtown and its ingoing residential building boom to the revitalization of the Menomonee Valley... more

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There are many people who no longer believe the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is anywhere near being balanced and fair in its reporting and editorials. After listening to complaints about the paper for many years and suggestions for its improv... more

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Why in the world are Wisconsin Republicans introducing legislation to resume building nuclear power plants in Wisconsin without waiting for any safe place to store nuclear waste? more

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In a carefully watched case with national implications for the solar power industry, a Dane County district judge ordered Friday that We Energies can’t impose an extra tax on its residential customers who own rooftop solar panels. more

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There’s no question that it’s a frustrating time for a modern feminist. There’s been a lot of progress towards equality on the march into the 21st century. Every now and then something gets said by someone in public office and suddenly it fe.. more

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Like it or not, utilities that rely on coal-fired power plants are facing a perfect storm. The cost of harnessing renewable energy sources is dropping while coal is becoming more expensive at the same time customers want cleaner energy and ... more

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We Energies had claimed in its rate case before the state Public Service Commission (PSC) that its customers with solar panels actually cost the utility money, which they need to recoup from these customers. Two of the three-member commissi... more

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We disagree with Wisconsin Republicans’ vote to stop state funding of the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), a consumers watchdog group tasked with opposing unfair utility rate increases at the Public Service Commission. The MMAC opposes CUB’s s... more

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Consumer groups are warning about a proposed merger of We Energies and Integrys in testimony before the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. We Energies has not provided any evidence that it will benefit ratepayers. The merger could threate... more

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The Gov. Scott Walker appointees on the state Public Service Commission (PSC) are not serving the public’s best interests. The two members Walker selected—former state Rep. Phil Montgomery and ex-voucher school lobbyist Ellen Nowak—have sho... more

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Scott Walker’s appointees on the Wisconsin Public Service Commission are punishing users of solar energy and are considering implementing a $50 fee for purchases of hybrid or electric cars. more

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For the third year in a row, Burnhearts tavern in Bay View will throw a summer-style street party in the middle of winter. This year's Mitten Fest is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 7 and will once again feature strong beer, bourbon barrel-aged brand.. more

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Last week, just after Gov. Scott Walker won re-election on a tax cut platform, Walker and Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb announced they need $750 million in new taxes and fees to pay for the highway more

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A pro-solar group is poised to sue the state Public Service Commission (PSC). more

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We Energies’ proposal to change the way it bills all of its customers and add new charges to solar system owners isn’t terribly popular. Testimony at the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) Milwaukee hearings on more

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It’s pretty safe tosay that WeEnergies’ proposed rate hikes and new penalties on clean energy systems arepretty unpopular. No matter how you slice it, consumers will pay more simply toimprove the monopoly’s bottom line. But We Energies claims .. more

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We Energies is waging a high-stakes war against its solar customers as it seeks to jack up the cost of going solar in Wisconsin more

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