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As a genre, the image of metal has changed with any number of fads, alternately represented to the general public by the head-spinning array of styles and sub-genres that it’s spun off over the d,Concert Reviews more

Concert Reviews

Greendale Community Theatre will be staging a production The Full Monty . . . which is, of course, the musical stage adaptation of the 1997 British film starring robert Carlyle. The musical debuted only three years later on Broadway. It's since m.. more


Burnett took dozens of previously unseen photographs,published in the splendid Soul Time ,Books more


I’m trying very hard not to say that Conan O’Brian’s brief feud with Good Housekeeping Magazine did not lead to the most vital newspaper  correction of the week. After all, Good Housekeeping’s invention of the cooking-adverse talk show host’s favo.. more

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Exodus were one of the pioneering thrash-metal bands in theearly’80s, but while pee Resurrection ,Today in Milwaukee more

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