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<p> For most of history only by a small percentage of the world's population dwelled in cities, but by the end of this century, they may be where nearly everyone lives. Along with the cultural opportunities of urban life comes a less pleasant rea.. more

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The Milwaukee Rep opens its main stage season strongly with what could potentially be its best comedy production of 2009/2010, the Jeffery Hatcher play The Government Inspector. Nikolai Gogol conceived the story based on literary giant Alek... more

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The grounds of the Rwandan hospital are pleasant and verdant, clean and well kept, but the memories are horrible. Canadian physician James Orbinski was in Rwanda for Doctors Without Frontiers during the genocide that swept the African nation like.. more

I Hate Hollywood

I have to comment on the audacity of Joel McNally to notbelieve how horrible it was to return from Vietnam. Flower/protest people wereaccepting of vets who joined their cause, that's about it..... maybe a littlehyperbole there, ,Letters more

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In the U.S. footage from Haile Selassie�s coronation as Emperor of Ethiopia (1930), captured by Hearst Movietone cameras and shown in movie theaters, was seen as a curiosity. In Jamaica, it was accepted as a revelation. The sight of a regal black.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Chisholm is the first new district attorney to be elected in Milwaukee County since 1968. Whales Hover(ed) ,Taking Liberties more

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