Milwaukee metal’s power couple—bassist Chad Novell (Fibonacci Sequence) and his wife, vocalist Kassandra Novell (Orphonic Orchestra)—will no doubt make some noise beyond Wisconsin and even U.S. borders with Undying Fire, Mercy Isle’s full-l... Read more

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Forever, the third album by Milwaukee folkie Francesc, rings with a generally more positive, even slyer, frame of mind than her previous Lucky One. It is carried confidently by Francesca and her mostly two-man acoustic band, the 440 Hum. Read more

Album Reviews

When you think of the Milwaukee Ballet,visions of sugarplum fairies probably dance though The Nutcracker ,A&E Feature Read more

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The roster of guests is about as subtle as the air horns that blare throughout the song: Kanye West, Lil Wayne andwait for itEminem, making a rare appearance outside his usual Aftermath circle. The star, though, is the top-billed performer, Drake,.. Read more

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