Frank Mcguinness

The Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa includes this production of A Doll’s House, directed by Deanna Strasse, as part of its “Season of Women." Set in the second half of the 19th century, the play ... Read more


  I rarely (if ever) have the opportunity to see five shows in as many days. I’m nearing the end of doing just that. The interesting thing about it is that of those five showsthree of them are opening nights, which must be some kind of person.. Read more


An Irishman and Englishman and an American walk onto a set . . . And Pink Banana Theatre will put them there. They’re just looking or the right people to play them as they present Frank McGuinness’ political drama Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me. The.. Read more


The prizes include $1,000 cash and other prizes.%uFFFD Saturday, october 18th, 4am - 4pm Hosted by Rip Tide Seafood Bar and Grill 649 E. Erie Street, Milwaukee Advance Registration Day of Event Re,Traveling Shepherd Read more

Art for Art's Sake

   Why did the chicken cross the road? What do you get when you cross a llama wi Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar ,Books Read more