Franklin D. Roosevelt

Six new books that bring complexity to our understanding of America's past and its place in the world. more

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Another attack on our democracy is swirling around the state capitol these days and that is a bill promoted by the right-wing, corporate-funded national group, ALEC, to add Wisconsin to the group of states calling for a constitutional conve... more

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More than 70 years later, people are still asking why? As a particularly striking example of the human capacity for evil, the Holocaust continues to demand answers despite the library of books already dedicated to the subject. In Why? Expla... more

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During the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt established a program that paid writers to write. Much of their work was devoted to guide books for each state and a projected series of guides to big cities. The state books were completed... more

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The Jewish Museum Milwaukee displays “Arthur Szyk: The Art of Illumination” through May 15. more

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Reviewing Franklin D. Roosevelt’s record as wartime president, historians often cite his moral vision, his skillful politicking leading into the war or his ability to inspire the American people. Nigel Hamilton examines FDR’s record from a... more

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Sixty-nine years after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, he remains one of America’s most influential and respected presidents. While leading the country through the Great Depression, the New Deal and World War II, Roosevelt remained a st... more

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Franklin D. Roosevelt could have lived an undemanding life flitting from cocktail party to country club and tending to an upstate New York estate already old when the U.S. was young. Instead, he committed himself to politics with mission. A... more

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Margaret “Daisy” Suckley’s branch of the family had slipped into genteel poverty in the shadow of their more prominent relatives. Then one day, the quiet monotony of her existence is broken by a phone call from more

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Byandlarge, historians have credited President Franklin D. Roosevelt and hisNew Deal for The Forgotten Man. ,Books more

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