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The Off the Wall Theatre has been nestled cozily in the shadow of some of the biggest theatre in town for a very long time. It’s the little guy in the shadow of giants. This month, the little guy celebrates the music from the movies in a f.. Read more


At the end of the month, Brian Mani stars as Tevye in the Children’s Theatre of Madison’s production of The Fiddler On The Roof. Mani is a captivating actor who has played numerous memorable roles over the years for American Players Theatre and .. Read more


After the final perfomance of it’s latest Summer one-act offering, Pink Banana Theatre will be hosting a Meat--er . . . that is Meet and Greet BBQ (veggie burgers available) with cast and crew. Sounds like kind of a cool way to close-out the.. Read more


Wisconsin was the center of the golf world last weekend and baseball had plenty of interesting, though Brewer-less, races going. But the first rule of Badger State sports fans was already in effect: Once the Packers hit training camp, nothi... Read more

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It's not a national holiday yet, but for basketball fans it might as well be. The first week of the NCAA Division I tournament, with 48 games Thursday through Sunday, will have millions anchored to their couches rooting their favorites—and ... Read more

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No…no more talk of mullets and the like, but I was inspired by the Gewurztraminer after I heard of a grape I hadn't experienced: Grüner Veltliner. While this sounds like a German plane, it's a white grape widely grown in Austria. Pronounce ... Read more


  The minor-key sound of the Middle East was long embedded in the Balkans and carried Splitsville ,CD Reviews Read more

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