George Clinton

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Photo credit: Melissa Miller

In the midst of a stage crowded with as many as 16 performers, George Clinton sang, directed traffic, clowned and took it all in like the Orson Welles of funk. more

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George Clinton now tours with a band billed as Parliament/ Funkadelic, giving the funk pioneer free reign to cull hits from both of his best-known ensembles (Parliament was the one that recorded “Flash Light,” for instance, while... more

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America wanted to be one nation under a groove during the Bicentennial Year and in music, George Clinton worked hard to make the dream a reality. In 1976 Clinton, already an R&B veteran, reached a career peak at the helm of Parliament Funkadelic... more

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George Clinton brings his repertoire of Parliament and Funkadelic hits to the Rave tonigh Lost Highway ,Today in Milwaukee more

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