Greek Mythology

It’s hard to get a grip on the world of medicine, movies, literature, psychology or politics without reference to ancient Greece. Joe Lee, described as “illustrator, cartoonist, writer and clown,” takes a light approach to a heavy subjec... Read more


Regarded as Mozart's first great opera, Idomeneo was a remarkable breakthrough for the 24-year-old composer... Read more

A&E Feature

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Visual Arts

The music and imagery of Eva Grubb has its roots in the mid-’60s, with the year 1966 being particularly influential. The band covers that year’s ? and the Mysterians hit single “I Need Somebody,” a song driven by chugging keyboards Read more

Local Music

Ask the members of House of M how they feel about DC Comics. Actually, you’d better not. Milwaukee’s nine-member hip-hop collective—Wu-Tang in size, but more Jurassic 5 and Little Brother in sound—was united by their love of comics Read more

Today in Milwaukee