Guitarist-vocalist Frederico7’s bilingual song collection, Exótico Americano, features wiry funk bass lines, warm tropical tones and dreamy rock guitar and vocals. Read more

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This music has been heard before—but not like this. The tracks on Live at George’s Club 20 with Curtis Knight featuring Jimi Hendrix recorded in the winter of 1965-1966, were released years ago in seriously compromised version by low-budget... Read more

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Electric guitar-vocal duos aren’t common in jazz anymore, but back in the day, Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald made several albums in that format. To mark the centennial of Fitzgerald’s birth, singer Patrice Williamson and guitarist Jon Wheatl... Read more

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On Araminta, guitarist Brandon Ross leads his jazz-black rock trio Harriet Tubman with bravura and unabashed love of vivid distortion, evoking what Sonny Sharrock might be doing if still alive, but with a more poetic control of sonics. Ross... Read more

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The pedigree of the talent lending a hand to The Breath on their debut is impressive enough to warrant notice. Carry Your Kin was mixed by Tchad Blake, the innovative engineer-producer for Los Lobos and The Latin Playboys, and the studio-la... Read more

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Drop in at Brewed Café (1208 E. Brady St.) for stark, meticulous realist art. Decking the walls of this cozy, studious coffee shop are the oil paintings of Mike Fredrickson. The majority of the artworks depict familiar street Read more

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Yo La Tengo have just returned from a tour of West Coast record stores, part of an aggressive first-week push behind their new album, Fade, and guitarist Ira Kaplan is adjusting to the full schedule. “I think in this modern record age, ther... Read more

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Dude, I am totally going to this. I heard it is supposed to be ridiculous!!See you at the Bradley Center. Read more

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Hot Cakes Gallery, 7 p.m. TEXAR is the latest project from Afghan Whigs&rsquo How do I book a cruise? ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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