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One of the most cinematically compelling recent films in any genre, the enigmatic horror story by director Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, The Winter, depicts the porous boundary in the human imagination between fantasy and reality, past and pre... more

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Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will recognize the author’s face in Paul Peart-Smith’s illustrations for “He,” a story drawn from the horror master’s unhappy sojourn in New York. Volume II in the project of transforming Lovecraft’s... more


H.P. Lovecraft probably didn't care for comic books, yet his remarkable stories at the cusp of horror and science fiction emerged from a parallel pulp-fanzine subculture. Transposing them into graphic stories seems only natural. The challen... more


Now that the seemingly endless construction project on the Humboldt Avenue Bridge has come to a close, life is beginning to return to the neighborhood. Two restaurants, Bayou and Good Life, went out of business during construction, but thei... more

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Old-school metalheads Dave Ellefson and Jimmy DeGrasso-who both did time in Megadeth's rhy The Reckoning ,CD Reviews more

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A small circle of admirers mourned H.P. Lovecraft’s death in 1937, many of them pulp fiction writers familiar with his stories from horror and science fiction magazines. Seventy years later he was recognized as one of the 20th century’s most impo.. more

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