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Hank Williams was the star of the 1949 Nashville radio program “The Health & Happiness Show,” and the music preserved on this rare collection caught him in some of his finest moments. Read more

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On this easy-going second album of the Willie’s Stash archival recordings series, Willie and his sons Lukas and Micah favor songs associated with Hank Williams (Sr.). Read more

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Marking Kris Kristofferson’s 80th birthday this summer, Legacy has issued a 16-CD box set, The Complete Monument & Columbia Albums Collection, which covers his work through 1981. In addition to his first 11 studio albums, The Complete Colle... Read more

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Hank Williams was a country music star but he was also a comet, streaking across the horizon of American popular culture in the early 1950s. He recorded Read more

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The lost highway of which Hank Williams sang is the visual motif in The Last Ride, a fictionalized story of that final road trip ending in Williams’ death on New Year’s Day, 1953. Told from the perspective of the naïve kid (Jesse Read more

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Independent record shops in big cities like Chicago and New York reported strong sales and even long lines during the third annual Record Store Day on Saturday. In Milwaukee, things were a little more subduedthere didn't appear to be any risk of .. Read more

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As a performer and composer of country songs, Hank Williams had absolute, rock-solid consistency. Williams’ writing credentials have never been in question, and with Hank Williams Revealed—the second three-CD set of songs intended for one-t... Read more

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When Hank Williams died at the age of 29 he had released 61 songs. In spite of this relati The Health & Happiness Shows ,CD Reviews Read more

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  Ry Cooder's California trilogy started purposefully and thematically with Chavez Ra Chavez Ravine ,CD Reviews Read more

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