Hood Hephna

Granted, Public Enemy's audience has changed a great deal since the days when the band sent chills down the spine of white America, but this still seems like a bold pairing: Hip-hop's Afro-centric elder-statesmen will be bringing along Milwaukee'.. more

May 10, 2010 1:16 PM On Music

Though artists like Royal Fam and venues like the Stonefly Brewery and the Miramar Theatre have gone some way toward uniting the two scenes, the divide between Milwaukee’s East Side and North Side rap scenes remains unmistakable. There are geogra.. more

Apr 10, 2009 4:00 AM On Music

As its title suggests, John Patrick Shanley’s 2008 drama Doubt is filled with ambigu Doubt ,Today in Milwaukee more

Jan 27, 2009 12:00 AM Today in Milwaukee

More than a dozen out-of-state comedy troupes descend upon the city this weekend as part Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA ,Today in Milwaukee more

Aug 8, 2008 12:00 AM Today in Milwaukee