Hugo Soundtrack Cd Review

Not so long ago, soundtrack albums were the one reliable way to hear music from movies once you left the cinema. No one could really own their own copy of a film in the age before home video, but with the proliferation of new technology, movies .. more

I Hate Hollywood

Martin Scorsese tapped the prolific Canadian composer Howard Shore (The Fly, Ed Wood) to score his upcoming 3D fantasy, Hugo. The already released soundtrack CD promises a movie of earnestness and whimsy, a carnival of dreams flecked by shadows. S.. more

I Hate Hollywood

TheSilver Spring House (6655 N. Green Bay Ave.) is a vintage piece ofMilwaukee County history with origins dating back to 1856. Although thecurrent building was built later, it has abundant charm an,Dining Out more

Dining Preview

The most divisive contestant from the seventh season of “American Idol,” David Archuleta is a Mormon teenage moppet with the apparent inability to speak in complete sentences, a reportedly tyrannical stage dad and the pop sensibilities of a... more

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