Books can enrich lives and even save them. Although it’s not a remarkable assertion, it’s integral to Will Schwalbe’s argument in Books for Living for the continued relevance of books. Schwalbe has been active in web publishing, yet issues ... Read more


The chief concern of The Internet of Us Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data by University of Connecticut philosophy professor Michael Patrick Lynch, is the way Googling can “weaken and undermine other ways of knowing,... Read more



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It’sa hopeful time for Milwaukee rap. While a slew of young independent localartists are beginning to stir interest from outside the city, two prominent Milwaukeealums are making significant waves on the radio. One is Rico Love, the veteran son.. Read more

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In this distraction, take a little time to enjoy a Milwaukee sunset, snow shower and sunrise. This video was submitted by filmmaker and editor Gregg Monteith.  Milwaukee Timelapse from Gregg Monteith on Vimeo. Read more

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The transition from credible rapper to comedic actor is so familiar as to almost be a bona fide career path, but while everyone from Ice Cube to Mos Def has gone from spitting bars to reciting line,Concert Reviews Read more

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Some welcome news from the Milwaukee punk trio Absolutely: They aren't breaking up after all. Earlier this month the group announced that their show with Joan of Arc Saturday, Oct. 2 at the Cactus Club would be their final show, but it turns out t.. Read more

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Blackouts of popular TV shows and events on cable and satellite television during contract negotiations have become so common, we were starting to get used to them Read more

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From warrantless wiretapping to ever-present surveillance cameras, our world is right now... Read more

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Oft-pompadoured and proudly not of his era, Chris Isaak is a paradoxical cross between a sexy Roy Orbison and a shy Elvis, a rockabilly oddity with a big, beating heart and movie-star good looks. That he’s an enigma with a scattered Read more

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We happened to be in Washington, D.C., during the historic passage of health care reform, an achievement that visionary Democratic and Republican presidents had sought for three-quarters of a century.That same day, we walked from the White ... Read more

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The menu is Mexican with a bit of Tex. The flavors are conservative as far ashot peppers go, but they also can be rich and inviting—call this NorthShore-Mex cuisine. A prime example is the salsa, which not only arrives warmand often with a ... Read more

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Producers/arrangers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff honed their skills for a number of years be Love Train ,CD Reviews Read more

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Goldsmith and Wu, law professors at Harvard and Columbia, were always skeptical of the c Were the World Mine ,Books Read more


At least they are at my house. We haven’t had internet since Saturday. The repair man supposedly came out on Tuesday at the exact same time I came home. Claims he was outside and left a door tag. I drove past the front of the house, we wasn’t out .. Read more

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