Isaac Hayes

On one level, Escape from New York (1981) was a revenge fantasy for the sort of people who nowadays would affiliate themselves with the Tea Party. Set in futuristic 1997, the film (reissued in a DVD/Blu-ray set) imagines un-American Manhattan tra.. more

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Baroque opera needs an especially inventive director to relate to contemporary audiences. Semele ,Classical Music/Dance more

Mar 3, 2009 12:00 AM Classical Music

Isaac Hayes died today at age 65. His death is particularly shocking because, though he’d suffered a stroke last year, physically Hayes was just about as fit as ever: trim, muscular, and fittingly, given the nature of his music, seemingly virile. .. more

Aug 10, 2008 4:00 AM On Music

During the Middle Ages, Western Europe was a backwater. In When Asia Was the World, Univer When Asia Was the World, ,Books more

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