Italian Neo-Realism

Eight-million refugees fled as German armies pushed into France in 1940, many on foot and some hitching cars behind horses to save gas. Come What May, an artfully filmed dramatization by French director Christian Carion Read more

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Director Luchino Visconti was still firmly tethered to the Italian neo-realist movement when he made <em>Bellissima</em> in 1951. His sets were the streets and crowded apartments of Rome\'s working class districtsalong with the nation\'s major fil.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

One of the architects of Italian neo-realism, the movement that dragged movies out of the studio and into the streets following World War II, Vittorio De Sica is probably best known for his touching Bicycle Thieves (1948). Two years earlier, the.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Though some fans found it inherently off-putting that metal-leaning grunge rockers Alice in Chains carried on after the 2002 death of Layne Staley, replacing him with soundalike William DuVall, the bulk don’t seem to mind. The reunited Alic... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Unlike most of their ’60s and ’70s contemporaries, the cult prog band Van der Graaf Generator evolved with integrity intact. Selling out was never in the cards for an idiosyncratic band forever below the radar of pop culture and beyond what... Read more

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