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Russia has successfully beaten off invaders from the West time and again, and the epic struggles to preserve the nation’s identity against outside enemies have given rise to many excellent films. One of the greatest, Come andSee (1985), is a visi.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

In part because of the greater garage-rock revival of the time, The Etiquette became one o Ages ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Mixing backpacker hip-hop with a smattering of popular club rap doesn’t sound like Club Soda No Ice, Vol. 2. ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Def Harmonic was one of the bright spots in the mid-2000s Milwaukee hip-hop scene, during a time when the scene was a bit less vibrant and hopeful than it is today, but the group slowed down as the decade progressed and faded away by 2007 as membe.. Read more

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