Jeanette Hurt

So the ‘00s are long ago and“Sex and City’s” drink menu of cosmos and other fruity drinks for women hasbeen supplanted by ostensibly harder stuff—or as Milwaukee author Jeanette Hurtputs it in her latest book: “There are no ‘girly’ dr.. more

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When tragedy strikes away from home, it can be difficult enough waiting for the mobile phone call from a loved one to find out they’re okay—the facebook update or whatever it is that lets you know that the person you care about managed to escape.. more


It would seem to be a natural fit to have the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra perform the music of Pink Floyd. Even among the wild experimentation of the early psychedelic era, Floyd were more willing than most to move away from conventional p... more

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Wecould learn a lot from Spain. As it is, our culture in America issagging under the con The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tapas ,Eat/Drink more

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