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“I think there’s a sense of magic in having people come in expecting a quiet acoustic evening, and then end up taking their clothes off and dancing on the tables.” Read more

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The alien who took over Dave Bush seems to have vacated his positionand the old Dave Bush returned this afternoon, giving up 6 runs in thetop of the 1st.And to be fair, the team as a whole is kind ofchoking. As I mentioned earlier in the week, .. Read more

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LikeJonathanRichman, Jens Lekman is a doeeyed and baritonevoiced songw Danny Price and The Loose Change perform April 4 with Eat The Mystery, Corruptable and Hig ,Concert Reviews Read more

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Swedish indie-popper Jens Lekman comes from a proud lineage of lovelorn crooners like Mor You’re Awful, I Love You ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Friday, March 28 How did your career as a luthier begin? ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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