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Coltrane ’58 captures one of the most important years in the performance life of perhaps the most important jazz sax player ever to blow. Read more

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These 1960 recordings from European concert halls by Miles Davis’ quintet documents not only John Coltrane’s final outing with Davis but his last gigs as a sideman. Read more

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Canadian pianist Brian Dickinson has been a prolific recording artist. On his 11th album, The Rhythm Method recorded by the Brian Dickinson Quintet, the music is original but much of it is obviously dedicated to the artists that inspired hi... Read more

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David Luhrssen reviews a list of album sets that would make great holiday gifts for music lovers. Read more

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Although Marquis Hill is a trumpeter, his artistic temperament puts him closer to a saxophonist like John Coltrane than to Miles Davis. The Way We Play is basically Hill’s attempt to experiment and to play standards at the same time. Read more

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Miles Davis enjoyed a long tenure with the annual Newport Jazz Festival. At Newport 1955-1975: The Bootleg Series Vol. 4 collects performances from that event. Read more

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Jazz is capableof conjuring a truly remarkable variety of atmospheres and instilling a widearray of moods in its listeners. With Valentines Day quickly approaching, itis an opportune time to recall jazz’s aphrodisiac quality. Here are a few.. Read more

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Conservatives—including Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker—like to blame Harley-Davidson’s current business troubles on the state’s tax policies, including a recently enacted rule designed to close a loophole that allo Read more

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In just a couple of weeks, the Boulevard Theatre opens its production of a pair of David Mamet shorts. I’ll be talking to the show’s director Jaime Jastrab at some point in the next few days. I’ve seen a few pieces of Mamet in production since .. Read more


John Coltrane took jazz as far as it everreached before his death in 1967. He remains a t New York Times ,Books Read more