John Dillinger

Last week, I mentioned the now-released book by GavinSchmitt, The Milwaukee Mafia:Mobsters in the Heartland. The book details the rise of organized crimein the city, particularly in the Third Ward, home to the bulk of Milwaukee’sSicilian pop.. Read more

What Made Milwaukee Famous

In Chicago in1934, notorious mobster John Dillinger had just finished watching Manhattan Melodrama, an archetypal New York crime movie, before being gunned down by FBI agents near the Biograph Theater. Since then, many fine vintage films ab... Read more

A&E Feature

Carte Blanche Theatre’s Play Fest opened last night. A weekend of short plays, Play Fest plays out more like a series of smaller works than an actual shorts program. The seven shorts on the program rotate through six different larger program set.. Read more


Though she first caught the music industry’s attention as a backup singer for Michael Jackson during his 1987 “Bad” tour, Sheryl Crow resisted early offers to record as a dance-pop artist, waiting until 1993 to release her first album Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Despite a feverish government-sponsored campaign to demonize him during his 1930s crime sp Public Enemies ,Film Read more

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State wildlife officials say hunters should be able to look forward to a good season. Even after a pretty tough winter in parts of the state, and a harvest of more than 520,000 deer last year, the deer h,Traveling Shepherd Read more

Art for Art's Sake

During the 1930s, in the lowest years of the Great Depression, a handful of criminals entered American folklore for robbing banks at a time when bankers were even less popular than today. The History Channel documentary “Crime Wave: 18 Months of .. Read more

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