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There are any number of brief, one or two-word phrases that writers use to give you a quick idea of what someone does—“underground filmmaker,” “singer-songwriter” and the like—but for ce,Comedy more

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Whetherwittily, if vacuously pontificating on “The Daily Show,” playing the beleaguered personalcomputer foil to Matt Long's victorious Mac in Apple commercials, or inany of the other forums that have granted John Hodgman “minor celebrity x9.. more

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While the Pabst Foundation has done a brilliant job bringing more standup comedy to the city, Milwaukee sadly lacks some of the basic infrastructure that would draw in even more of the cutting edge.,Comedy Reviews more


In 1516, Raphael painted La Donna Velata (The Woman With the Veil). Through June 6, the High Renaissance painter’s magnificent portrait is on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) in a one-work exhibition titled “Raphael: The Woman more

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