Kaylee Crossfire

New artists and old favorites abound on our rundown of the year’s best Milwaukee albums. more

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Kaylee Crossfire and Kia Rap Princess

A fierce collaboration and a Coo Coo Cal track you'd have to be from Illinois not to love highlight our latest round-up of Milwaukee's finest rap. more

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Rapper Kaylee Crossfire says the Female Takeover Showcase pushes back against a culture that tries to divide woman artists. more

Music Feature

Milwaukee's rap scene has been in overdrive for the last couple of years, but we do our best to keep up with it. Once again we've rounded up our favorite singles, mixtapes, videos and odds and ends from the last few weeks for our periodic Milwauke.. more

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With his flowing cape, parson’s hat and mane of white hair, not to mention his thunderous denunciations of philistines wherever he found them (and he saw them everywhere), Frank Lloyd Wright sometimes resembled a 19th-century evangelist mor... more

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