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Milwaukee recording artist Eric Beaumont (aka Eric Blowtorch) collaborated with his father, Texas A&M emeritus history professor Roger Beaumont, on a radio play in the form of an operetta, The Ethiopian Ball. A host of prestigious Milwaukee... Read more

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With Korczak’s Children, playwright Jeffrey Hatcher explores the true story of Dr. Janusz Korczak. He had worked to try to keep the 200 Jewish children in his Warsaw orphanage alive and hopeful in the face of some of the most overwhelmingly awful .. Read more


Itmust be very strange touring as someone else. There’s a guy who does Twain. Hetravels around the country performing as Mark Twain. That must be a weird life.There are people traveling around to places they’ve probably never beenpretending .. Read more



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“We never really just broke up,” says Clarence McGee of Brothers By Choice, the Milwaukee R&B vocal group known in soul circles for their handful of collectible ’70s singles running a wide gamut of the era’s Read more

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Summerfest's local music stage has changed either its name or its location nearly every year since it debuted in 2008 as the Cascio Interstate Groove Garage, so it's not too surprising that once again this year it's got a new title: the KNE (K-Nat.. Read more

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It's no secret that baseball takes a distant backseat to football as America's sport of choice, and that's especially true here in Wisconsin, where the Packers' off-season vacation plans make bigger headlines than the Brewers even during the heigh.. Read more

Happening Now

Milwaukee, like many other cities across the country, has seen a recent resurgence in acts that are captivated by the soul sounds of the 1960s. Acts such as Milwaukee-based Kings Go Forth, along with those like Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings... Read more

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 Next March, Bad Example Productions (perhaps inadvertently) follows a pattern established a couple of years ago by New York’s Godlight Theater as it presents George Orwell’s 1984 as the dystopian follow-up to a production of Fahrenheit 451 a l.. Read more


Time for a quarterly Kings-Go-Forth-are-very-successful reminder: The Milwaukee retro soul-funk 10-piece will launch their fall tour this weekend with a performance at the Double Door in Chicago tonight and an appearance at a benefit for the anti-.. Read more

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Spanish for "the turtle," the title of De La Buena's new album, La Tortuga, gives a sense of the pace at which it was created. Arriving six years after De La Buena's 2005 debut album, En Vivo Y Directo, it's practically the work of a differ... Read more

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Though they were better associated with the punk-rock scene at the time, in 1980 The Blasters released a song that would become a roots-rock rally cry, “American Music.” “We got the Louisiana boogie and the Delta blues,” they sang. Read more

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It was retro night at Summerfest’s Brigg’s and Stratton stage Sunday night, with two heavy hitting revival acts, Kings Go Forth and Robert Randolph and The Family Band, competing to see who could get the crowd moving. Both succeeded.Kings G... Read more

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Although they have sold more than 6 million albums in their quarter-century together, Cali-punk institutions NOFX have made a point to stay out of the mainstream by avoiding music videos and taunting the hands that feed. Their most infamous... Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

SXSW, Kings Go Forth, Danger Mouse, Black Keys, Juniper Tar, Invade Rome, Group of the Altos, Collections of Colonies of Bees. All photos by Matt Schwenke Read more

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Milwaukee has been an increasingly large presence at the annual South by Southwest music festival, with over a dozen local artists making the trek to Austin, Texas, to perform last year. At this March's festival, Milwaukee looks to be even more vi.. Read more

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The Wisconsin Area Music Industry announced today the nominees for its 30th awards show. The WAMI Awards have made great strides toward becoming less insular over the last several years, and by and large this year's list of nominees is pretty astu.. Read more

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What's ingenious about RadioMilwaukee's Milwaukee Music Awards isthey don't purport to give a fully representative or even non-biased view of the city'smusic scene. They are essentially another form of advocacy forthe artists that the station s.. Read more

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Collections of Colonies of Bees Erupts Milwaukee’sinstrumental post-rock quart Unmap ,Music Feature Read more

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With music blogs thriving, there were more outlets covering music than ever before in 2009, but you wouldn't know it to look at this year's best albums of the year lists, which were as homogenized as I've ever seen. Critics united near unanimously.. Read more

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