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Scientists shrink humans to five inches tall to solve the population crisis in Alexander Payne’s brilliantly devastating satire that lets no side of any issue off with easy answers. Read more

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For his new film, Deepwater Horizon, director Peter Berg built a large-sized replica of the infamous oil rig, which is then pulled apart and engulfed in flames. The result is nonstop action as rescuers arrive and crew members try every poss... Read more

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Meryl Streep stars in the title role of an heiress and amateur opera soprano in Florence Foster Jenkins. She marries a former Shakespearean actor (Hugh Grant), who tries to manage her self-financed opera career. The problem is that Jenkins ... Read more

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The documentary Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words, uses archival film and video captured from Zappa’s concerts, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, through which director Thorsten Schütte depicts an irreverent, thought-p... Read more

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Actor Dan Stevens isn’t the only link between “Downtown Abbey” and Summer in February. The setting is similar: England, 1913, where the young and wealthy could afford to break some rules. Stevens plays best friend to painter Alfred Munni... Read more

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 Ben Stiller must be a fan of Danny Kaye; perhapsthat explains his 2013 remake of Kaye’s 1947 comedy, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty . Older Baby Boomers (and theirparents) will remember when “Walter Mitty” was a famili.. Read more

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47 Ronin retells a legend based on real events from early-18th-century Japan; after a benevolent lord is killed by an evil lord who uses witchcraft, 47 of the former’s samurai guards vow to avenge his death. The lord’s beautiful daughter Mi... Read more

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The first sign of trouble on moving day: the family dog refuses to come inside. The second: discovering the boarded-up entrance to a disused cellar. It was downhill from there for the unfortunate family that purchased Read more

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Steve Carell returns as Gru, a master criminal who is determined to go straight in the wake of adopting three charming young girls. While attempting to start his own jam-making company, Gru is recruited to the anti-villain Read more

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By now, the romantic comedy staffed with young professionals and set in Manhattan has become a genre unto itself... Read more

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David Sirota is the author of the best-selling books"Hostile Takeover" and &quo ,News Features Read more

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