Milwaukee old-time music advocate Lil’ Rev leads a tribute to a legendary labor activist. more

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Milwaukee’s folk scene lost one of its fixtures thisweek. A staple of local stages and union rallies for decades, singer-songwriterLarry Penn passed away on Wednesday after a long illness. “He was loved in many different communities,” said .. more

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The convenience beverage market got jumbled recently when, first, Oregon-based Union Wine Co. announced in November that it would soon sell its Underwood pinot gris and pinot noir in 12-ounce cans and, second, the London department store Se... more

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As part of the Obama administration’s push to raise the minimum wage to $9 by the end of 2015, Acting Labor Secretary Seth Harris stopped in Milwaukee last week to hear the stories of low-wage workers who, despite more

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Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, recently spoke with The National Memo about the sequester's automatic budget cuts, the danger of cuts to Social Security, the Keystone XL pipeline, immigration reform more

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Imagine returning home from work dirty, sore and exhausted after a 15-hour day. That's how it went after the Industrial Revolution in the United States. Men, women and children worked long days—sometimes every day of the week... more

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Last week Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele wrote an opinion piece in the Journal Sentinel about a labor dispute between a long-established Milwaukee company, Palermo's... more

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Someone extremely intelligent—no one seems to know if it was a Democrat or Republican... more

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If David Koch wasn't a household name in Wisconsin a week ago, he certainly is now. more

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"There was once a need for unions, but they've outlived their purpose, more

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Just as he did as Milwaukee County executive, Scott Walker, now the governor, has chosen to bypass labor negotiations and include major wage and benefits concessions—and a drastic attack on long-standing principles of employee relations—in ... more

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A few days ago the Milwaukee Bucks, playing without center Andrew Bogut, were on the brink of knocking the No. 3 team in the Eastern Conference out of the NBA playoffs. But the Bucks' shooting went cold, the Atlanta Hawks' competitive fire ... more

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