Lamps For My Family

A nuanced reflection on family and the difficult task of psychologically integrating one’s life experience without allowing the past to dominate the present, In Tandem Theatre’s production of Lamps for My Family presents an interesting view... Read more


Milwaukee playwright Michael Neville’s Lamps for My Family runs at In Tandem Theatre, Feb. 19-March 13. Read more


In Tandem Theatre will be hosting a 2015-2016 season preview event this coming Monday, Jun. 29. It’s a free event featuring sneak peeks at snippets from upcoming shows on the season. Perhaps one of the most promising bits on the coming season.. Read more


Some bands simply evolve more than others. Over six years and three albums, The Mighty Short Bus has come barreling out of Madison, touring the Midwest as one of the city’s hardest-working DIY groups while consistently redefining its sound. Read more

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