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Milwaukee Democrats resoundingly rejected race baiting, school vouchers, talk-radio party-liners and do-nothings in yesterday's primaries. <br /><br />Down the line, all of the Democrats who won were more progressive than their opponents. And they.. Read more

Happening Now

<p>Community groups sued the Republican Legislature in federal court for redrawing legislative districts on the South Side of Milwaukee that would have illegally diluted the power of the Latino vote. The groups won, so the revised Assembly Distric.. Read more

Happening Now

From his influential speech during the Leopold and Loeb murder trial to his famous role in the Scopes Trial, Clarence Darrow is a courtroom legend, and an interesting subject for David Rintels’ one-person drama Clarence Darrow. Local actor ... Read more

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Set largely in a designer kitchen, Michele Lowe’s phenomenally funny play Smell of the Kill debuted on Broadway in 2002, making it a precursor to TV’s “Desperate Housewives.” The overall feel of Kill is very similar to “House Read more

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The South Side of Milwaukee faces many critical issues that can be helped by progressive state legislation and an effective representative. ,Elections Read more

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